Atmospheric Suspension Spring Replacement Instructions

Ver1.0 2/01 © 2001 Dennis Kaye. May not be reproduced without author’s permission.

Removing The Broken Steel

Pull the regulator clamp off of the broken spring.


Use a razor blade and insert into the holding clamp as shown. Tap lightly so that the clamp opens and the blade stays inside keeping the clamp open. Notice that the rear of the blade is resting on the table surface and the clamp is held on an angle.

Installing The New Steel

 Insert the new steel into the regulator clamp from the round side till it reaches resistance by hitting the other side. With a pair of flat tweezers, firmly grasp the spring just 2mm from the clamp, and with firmness, slightly wiggle and push the new spring through the opening. Do not pry the opening wider.

Grab the spring from the other side and pull the spring through till the clamp is about 2” from the end of the spring.


Carefully place the end of the spring (the side coming through the round part of the regulator clamp) into the holding clamp, precisely centered.

Swing the blade out, closing the jaws on the spring.

Make certain the spring in centered in the jaws and centered coming out of the regulator clamp.

Place the spring into the pendulum tube and check for poise. Adjust as usual. The rest is a conventional installation.


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