Dennis Kaye


Platform Escapement  Repair

Cylinders made. 
Any Type Platform Repaired

Repairs are usually in the $195 to $245 range for a full restoration, including parts.

To calculate the BPH, please count the number of teeth, and use this formula:
(Center Wheel) x (Third Wheel) x (Escape Wheel)

(Third Wheel Pinion) x (Escape Wheel Pinion)
Download the Beat Calcluator



Shipping Instructions

Please download an order form  and ship platform insured,  with a deposit of $100 per platform.  I will bill you for the balance when the work is completed.

International Shippers: Customs form should indicate that this is a "Repair to be returned to the country of origin within 90 days."

Send to:  


Dennis Kaye

108 Corgy Drive

Cary, NC 27513


Turnaround times are approximately  90 days in most cases.



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